Our Mission at Salem Evangelical Church

1. We focus on God’s throne: We praise and worship as ministry to the Lord, believing that every person’s first priority is to glorify God and to exalt His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord; we openly extol His glory in our gatherings and goings through daily living.

2. We honor God’s Word: We pattern all ministry according to the Holy Bible, and acknowledge its absolute authority in our personal lives, believing its truth alone can free us, its tenets alone will and should guide us, and its teaching alone will cause growth in us unto Christ-likeness.

3. We obey God’s call: We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reaching with God’s redemptive and reconciling love to every person and every nation is every way we can; serving with acts of mercy; and seeking to lead all to the truth of salvation’s promise through the Cross and Resurrection of the Reigning Christ.

4. We invite God’s power: We pursue the ministry of prayer and intercession, believing that prayer makes all things possible to those who believe the promises of God’s Word and who seek Him with a bold and abiding faith in Jesus’ Name.

5. We extend God’s love: We release love toward all people, believing a non-judgmental spirit is commanded in Scripture, and that it is Jesus’ will that brotherly love be toward all members of the Christian family.

6. We welcome God’s Spirit: We offer ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, believing that the Spirit’s comfort is for our redemption and restoration and His fullness is essential to enable our daily service and witness for Christ.

7. We serve God’s people: We practice ministry to every individuals, believing that each person in the Church is significant in God’s purpose, we offer maturing fellowship for each one’s growth in Christ.

Changing Lives – Transforming Hearts!