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Salem Evangelical Church in Marion, Ohio is working hard at “Changing Lives…Transforming Hearts!” A member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, our vision can be summed up in one word: MINISTRY. Ministry simply means that we are devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and passionate about carrying His message to a hurting and dying world.

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This is an open letter to my spiritual family. To the family I choose to worship with and who have allowed me to step into your branch office of the Church. Some of you know the struggle I and my family are facing right now, some of you may not. I wanted to address this so that there would be no confusion.
About 4 months ago, I was discharged from my position because i upset the apple cart. I discovered things that were going on that are now being investigated by the company who purchased this company. Anyway, for the last 4 months I have been interviewing, praying, and praying and far nothing but interviews, and more to come. In the middle of this, our A/C started leaking through our ceiling, and the water pump went out on our vehicle. So, as we figure out what to do, I was offered an opportunity to alternatively provide for my family....It means spending my Sundays, about 15 hours including travel, stripping and waxing floors.....So, that is where I have been. I am not avoiding my family, I am not upset, I am simply trying to use what God had provided to provide for my family. I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers as we work our way through this transition. I am continuing to search and pray, and that you to those whom I have seen on my mostly daily bike rides. Your waves and smiles are greatly appreciated. I miss you all and look forward to being back with you soon. I love each of you and pray that you continue to grow in the most holy faith...
Chris Dodds
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